Welcome to the very first video by eleVR [el-uh-V-R]! You can about us on our website: http://elevr.com/

The most under-utilized direction in current virtual reality (VR) content is up, so that’s where we went with our first real video. We filmed full spherical 360 in various locations where it is pleasant to lie on your back and look at the sky, or look in any other direction if you wish.

Emily narrates as we go on an unusual journey, blending the real and the virtual…

To watch in its native spherical format, whether in an oculus or just on your desktop using mouse controls, you’ll need to download this video for our torrent: http://elevr.com/downloads/

Sorry, I had trouble with uploading the video here.




  1. September 4, 2014  2:40 pm by Kwato Reply

    Hello! nice vid ;) What is the best FOV to watch this with VR player and a Durovis dive? 180° seems good but i wonder if there is a better value..


    • September 4, 2014  2:42 pm by Kwato Reply

      Update : 200° seems nicer!

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