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VORTEX  is an ephemeral sculpture, driven by geometric soundscapes. Created by Aaron Bradbury Music by Flavio Martines 5.1 Surround Mix by Flavio Martines at Refinaria Estudios 3D Sound Mixed by Silvio Kuehm & Rene Rodigast at Fraunhofer IDMT VORTEX is mastered at 8k, 60fps, in stereoscopic fulldome and has 3D spatial sound. No venue currently exists that can actually play all of these elements together and the Rift version is dramatically reduced from the original masters. […]


Experience Ocean Park in 3D360 (walk through video included)

Teleport yourself in this fantastic theme park with your Oculus Rift! Our immersive 3D video can provide more reality than ordinary 360 video, one more step bridging the actual & virtual world. With no blind spot & able to see 3D in every angles, you can fully immersived into the virtual world like never before. Please feel free to download the web version here: (450mb) streaming low res from […]



Immersive 3D Walkthrough video, Ocean Park

This is another test of our dual fisheye setup, I use my lovely car instead of a cockpit. The shooting time was not perfect as the sun went directly to the lenses, anyway it’s good for demonstrating the workflow. Please downlaod the 4K version at youtube:   (I don’t know how to load HD video streaming from youtube) VRPlayer having trouble in reading my original video at 2800×2800@48fps. The app […]



Immersive 3D Walkthrough video, without stitching!

This video was taken with a pair of full circular fisheye lens on Gopro. I have to wrap the fisheye to equirectangular format in PTGUI before it can be displayed well in VRPlayer with the dome-projection mode. Anyway adding a cockpit image to fill the 2nd half sounds an interesting idea, so please enjoy the movie in the sphere mode as usual pls view the youtube in 4K mode, or […]


3D360 Panda House

Another super close-range shooting. The Panda was sitting up high on the hill. Can you find it?  


3D360 in a Souvenior Shop

Testing the limit of near-range pano shooting. I tried many 360 systems but all of them failed to stitch nicely if the cam was getting too close to the objects. Taking 3D just getting the problem worse. keeping a 2m clear radius was a norm but sometimes it’s not quite practical for a realistic recording. We fine tuned our rig for another test. There are still some minor mis-alignment but […]