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3D360 video test, shopping mall

Another 3D360 exercise. This is taken from a frame of my 3D360 video. You can see, holding the camera by hand is not a good option as you’ll getting too close to it. 360 video viewing with Rift work best at 60fps for smooth response when you turn your head, ordinary 30fps footage seems not good enough.  I shall need some more time to test the final video with VRPlayer, […]



CES 2014 Cymatic Bruce in the CastAR (Technical Illusions) Suite

From Cymatic Bruce youtube channel: I hung out with Rick from Technical Illusions, co-creator of CastAR. CastAR is definitely interesting tech, the possibilities are varied. I think the potential for productivity applications is huge! For more infos: Road To VR



CES 2014 Cymatic Bruce chats with the Avegant Glyph Team

From Cymatic Bruce youtube channel: I got a chance to sit with some folks from the Avegant team, and check out a few prototypes of the Glyph. Very clear picture, and great awareness outside of the unit! A very interesting personal media player. For more infos: Road To VR



Matthew Mortensen GoPro video of the luge track

A minute in in the life of U.S. doubles luger Matt Mortensen. Point of view video from the track in Sochi. More infos : Business Insider


Top To Bottom POV Run Through the Sochi 2014 Olympic Slopestyle Course with Alexey Sobolev

Take a first look at the Sochi 2014 Olympic slopestyle course with this GoPro POV video shot by Russian rider Alexey Sobolev.   Note: “Launch with VR Player” and “Donwnload File” buttons are not working for this video. Please use the following embedded video and while playing,  right-click->save video as… Check out the Sochi 2014 Slopestyle Course a Snowboarding video by onboard



Luge Sochi POV

High Quality video taken POV style of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Combine Track on a luge sled from the top. The run is 1700+ meters long and can reach speeds in excess of 80 mph. The athlete taking the video is Chris Mazdzer from the United States.